Photography Tours

A Nature Lover’s Dream.

Fauna, Flora and Big Sky Views

In addition to our cattle grazing business, we also offer small tours for photographers and birders by appointment. We love where we live and the opportunity to share this beauty with others!

Spectacular Scenes

We live in an incredible and unique location at the Foothills of the Bunya Mountains, with beautiful and dramatic landscapes from our hilltops and ridges to our creeks and riparian areas.

Our high elevation (between 540m to 650m above sea level), provides plenty of opportunities for landscape photography, including stunning and ever-changing views of the Bunya Mountains.

Our ‘big sky’ vistas provide perfect opportunities for capturing stunning sunrises, sunsets and mesmerising moon rises. Our rural location allows for light-free clear skies – you’ll be amazed at the number of stars you can see!

Wildlife & Birds

Opportunities for capturing stunning photos of our birdlife and native animals also abound! From Wedge Tail Eagles to tiny fairy-wrens, galahs, cockatoos and parrots, and even the occasional Bustard, we have a huge range of birdlife across our properties, as well as many native animals including wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas, possums, reptiles, insects and much more!
Wildlife and Birds Eagle Line Drawing

That ‘Perfect Picture’

Each season transforms the landscape, with something beautiful and different every day. From the native flora and fauna, to the ever-changing light and variation in landscape colours, opportunities to capture that ‘perfect picture’ abound.

To book a Photography or Birdlife Tour, please contact us to arrange a booking.

To book a Photography or Birdlife Tour, please contact us to arrange a booking.