Frequently Asked Questions

Our 20kg packs include a range of cuts including Eye Fillet, Rib Fillet, T-Bone, Y-Bone, Rump, Round, Blade and Diced Casserole steaks, Rolled Rib Roast, Topside Roast, Silverside, Brisket (corned or fresh), mince and sausages (your choice of thick, thin or mix of both).

This combination of cuts ensures a wide variety of choices for you and your family to enjoy. We believe in ethical eating, which helps to reduce food waste, and also gives you the opportunity to try new meals or cooking styles – no more getting bored of the same old cuts!

We have a number of “Optional Extras” you can add on to your 20kg pack, including:

Beef Spare Ribs Packs – vacuum sealed packs approx. 1kg in weight of delicious Beef Ribs ready for your oven or smoker! Limited numbers available each delivery, so don’t forget to order in advance!

Nose2Tail Pack – for the ethical eating and health conscious customer, or those who want to step back in time to enjoy some of Grandma’s favourite meals, we offer bags of Soup or Broth Bones (approx. 1kg per bag) and/or Edible Offal pack, which may include a range of options including Kidney, Tongue, Liver, Heart, and Ox-Tail (you can send us your preferences and we will do our best to meet your request).

Pet Treat Pack – we can’t let the furry members of our family miss out! We offer bags of bones for dogs (approx. 1kg per bag) and/or Mixed Offal Offcuts such as liver and heart to satisfy even the most decerning pet’s palate!

Larger orders (half/whole beast) are available with sufficient notice. Please contact us directly to discuss.

Our 20kg packs are currently $400.00 (no GST), which is $20 per kilogram.

Our Beef Spare Ribs are $25/kg

Our Nose2Tail Packs are $6/bag for bones and $8/bag for offal

Our Pet Treats pack are $6/bag for bones and $6/bag for offal offcuts

The price includes delivery to our Central Delivery Locations throughout South East Queensland in our mobile cold room.

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Our price includes delivery to central points in a number of towns throughout South East Queensland, including:

South Burnett: Kumbia, Kingaroy, Wondai, Murgon, Nanango and Maidenwell

Toowoomba and Surrounds: Gatton, Toowoomba, Highfields, Oakey, Dalby and Bell

Gympie and Sunshine Coast: Caloundar, Chevallum/Forest Glen, Cooroy, Traveston, Gympie, Woolooga and Goomeri

Brisbane and Surrounds: sk, Fernvale, Blacksoil, Chuwar, Eight Mile Plains, Everton Park, Carseldine, Caboolture and Kilcoy

We will also be traveling regularly to Maryborough and surrounds areas – join our email list and follow us on Social media for details

Please contact us to discuss alternative locations for consideration.

Once your order is received, we will send you an email to confirm your delivery date, time and location. Please ensure you are available to pick up your pack at the required time, or arrange for someone to be there for you. Unfortunately due to the nature of the product, it cannot be stored and must be disposed of if not picked up. Please see our Refund and Shipping Policy for further details.

If you’re heading home soon after delivery, your beef will generally be insulated inside the cardboard boxes and vacuum sealed for short journeys, however we do recommend an Esky/cooler if you plan to be in your car for more than a quick trip, particularly in summer!

We run a cattle grazing business in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains in the South Burnett. We breed our own cattle, with a mix of breeds including Belmont Red, South Devon and Brahmans, as well as composites. We then select the best calves for our Boxed Beef Program! When you buy Bunya Beef Grazing beef, you can be assured of the provenance and quality of your meat!

Calf looking up during a sunset on the farm
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Our breeding cattle spend their days in the hills on our properties near the Bunya Mountains, eating a range of native and improved pastures. We use Grazing Naturally Holistic Management techniques, helping to protect and care for the unique environment we live in.

We select our best cattle for our Boxed Beef program. They are moved through a series of paddocks between 1-5acres in mobs of between 4-12 head, where they continue to feed on native and improved pastures, with plenty of trees and fresh water. They also have free-choice access to a specially designed supplement mix, with nutritionally balanced mix of minerals, vitamins, grains and protein from a local mill. The cattle can choose to ‘top up’ their pasture-based diet from this mix as they wish. We find this helps to ensure the highest plane of nutrition to our cattle, regardless of the season, and helps us to ensure consistent quality beef for our customers.

Our Butcher carefully prepares our beef at their accredited Abattoir and Butchery. Each cut is carefully prepared, vacuum sealed and labelled for your convenience. Our steaks are prepared in packs of two, and sausages, mince and diced casserole beef are in packs of approximately 500g each. All cuts (steaks, mince, sausages, roasts, brisket and silverside) are vacuum sealed which helps keep your beef fresh and makes packing your fridge or freezer much cleaner and easier!

Our 20kg Beef pack come in two boxes weighing approximately 10kg each. Add-on options are packed separately – our Beef Spare Ribs, Nose2Tail Soup/broth bones and all offal cuts are also vacuum sealed, while Pet Bones from our Pet Treat packs are in approximately 1kg bags. Our add on options are all in packs of approx 1 kilogram per bag.

On delivery day, we pick up your fresh/unfrozen packs from our butcher to delivery to you at one of our many Central Delivery Locations throughout South East Queensland in our mobile Cold Room.

Our mince contains only meat – no extras!

Our butcher uses his own special mix of rice flour, paprika, and a little salt and pepper when making the sausages. The rice flour is from a factory that also packs other items, so we cannot guarantee sausages will be gluten-free, as there may be trace quantities from the manufacturing process.

We are unable to accept returns of a Bunya Beef Grazing product as it is perishable and cannot be restocked or resold. Please see our Refunds and Shipping Policy for more details.