Our Story

Our family farming story.

Our family has been farming in the South Burnett region for over 140 years.

We are a multi-generational family farm, working together to care for our land and raising quality cattle. Farming is a calling, and we feel very privileged to be able to live and work in such a special place.

We subscribe to the belief that we are caretakers of this land for generations to come. We have a deep love of this unique environment, our native flora and fauna, and for the cattle we raise. We combine our generations of past knowledge with new technology and ideas to best support our environment and cattle.

Jim, family member at Bunya Beef

What makes us different?

Our farm is run entirely on Solar, from the house to our water pumps and fencing!

We use holistic, Grazing Naturally land management techniques and best practice animal welfare including low stress stock handling practices to care for our herds and produce high quality beef.

We love hearing from our customers and seeing the delicious meals they prepare for their families with our beef. When we hear feedback from customer like Sarah who tell us “I’ve been so happy with your beef, I honestly can’t bring myself to buy steaks from the supermarket again” we know we are on the right track!

Whether you are looking for ethically raised local food, supporting family farms, or just want a juicy delicious steak, we tick all the boxes!

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Our herd

Quality cattle, tender beef

Cow line drawing
Optimal condition bull line drawing
Bulk beef box items in a line drawing
Our cattle being raised
Our cattle are raised on our family properties in the beautiful foothills of the Bunya Mountains on native and improved pastures. We run Belmont Red, South Devon, Brahman and composite cattle, and have been working on our breeding program for 50 years, with the aim of producing quiet, healthy cattle who produce tender, tasty meat.
Our cattle being raised
Bunya Beef Cattle on a hill
We select our best cattle for our boxed beef program.

Our cattle live in paddocks with plenty of trees, water, native and improved pastures. They also have free choice access to our locally sourced, nutritionally designed supplement mix of minerals, vitamins, grains and fibre to top up their pasture based diet. This mix of pastures and supplements ensures the best nutrition and health for our cattle, and top-quality, consistent flavour and maximum tenderness of our beef.
Bunya Beef Cattle on a hill
Our cows at optimal condition
When our cattle reach optimal condition, they are transported down the road to our accredited abattoir and butcher, who carefully prepares and packs our beef, ready to be transported to you in our mobile cold room!
Our cows at optimal condition
Cattle being cared for on our family farm
When you purchase our beef, you are supporting our family to continue to care for our land and animals, as well as helping us support our local community, businesses, and families!

You can be assured your beef has low food miles and a small carbon footprint. Our cattle are raised using best practice management – this ensures positive environmental outcomes for our land, and quality beef for our customers.
Cattle being cared for on our family farm
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